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Pillars of our work

Artificial lighting radically determines how a space is perceived.

It is EXPERIENCE, it influences the user and conditions how we feel and how we behave. It influences our organism both physically and psychologically.


Hotel & Residential

Studying the amount and type of light, as well as the right combination of layers and the typology of these are the keys to achieving comfortable spaces, where the user feels at ease, where he/she wants to stay and come back to.

Hotel lighting

Lighting in homes


Workspaces and offices

The composition of artificial light directly influences the health of the human organism. Therefore, it is important not only to know how to choose the characteristics of the spectrum of luminaires, but also to study at the project strategy level how to illuminate the spaces where the user must heal.

Office lighting


Retail, sales spaces

The light will determine the brand image and how the user will understand and see the product. It will also determine whether or not you like yourself in the mirror, and finally whether or not you buy the product. Lighting is strategy, and it will influence and determine the success or failure of the project.

Store lighting


New corporate image for MANGO stores

The Spanish brand decided in 2021 to make a conceptual restyling of its corporate image in physical space. Autentico Lighting Partners was commissioned to re-conceptualize the lighting in the stores to make the customer experience much more Mediterranean, comfortable, long-lasting and commercially successful. To do this, we reformulated the spectrum composition of the track spotlights, and added layers of light to the spaces. We integrate lighting into the architecture, highlight the materiality of the finishes by means of special optics with high CRI’s, zoning and creating contrasts. The result is an exponential increase in sales.

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Green Core Building in Barcelona

Biophilia is at the core of the Internation Living Future Institute’s Green Core Building Certification sustainability standard. For the office building in c/Marroc in Barcelona, we designed artificial lighting that not only adapts to the biological rhythms of the human body, but also takes into account the influence of mimicking the melanoptic spectrum of natural light. We combine typological and light composition strategies to achieve 100% healthy spaces that respect the circadian rhythms of the people who work in them.

Bank Degroof Petercam Madrid: visual health at the workbench

Our team did an extensive research of what the LED technology market has to offer in order to propose to Bank Degroof Petercam different options of luminaires that would allow them to take maximum care of the visual health of their workers. We prioritize the melanopic composition of the spectrum of light sources without neglecting and balancing it with energy consumption.

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Replicating the natural light projected by Gaudí

Heritage spaces are always a challenge. Understanding and participating in the Sagrada Família interior project requires understanding which components of artificial light are important to replicate natural light. How color temperature and CRI affect the perception of materials, reflections and the geometric definition of space. To design totally customized luminaires, so that the lighting is part of Gaudí’s magic and not an add-on.

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