Flagship Store Mango Düsseldorf

Exporting the light of the Mediterranean

Mango Düsseldorf

Location: Schadowstrasse, 48 | Düsseldorf| Germany
Architecture: Mango
Year of construction: 2021
Mango’s new image was implemented in March 2021 in the flagship store in Düsseldorf and will be rolled out in the rest of the brand’s stores in major European cities. Mediterranean culture is part of the new concept, so light is more than ever a determining factor. To achieve a much more pronounced lighting comfort, we had to reduce the amount of overall light and create more contrast. For this reason, different strategies have been designed, organized in layers, so that the protagonist of the space is the product, and the general perception of the space is focused on the materiality.
For product lighting, a COB with a nuanced and highly compensated spectrum has been used, ideal for highlighting pure whites without neglecting the saturation of the rest of the colors. The “Mediterranean white” bathes the space and highlights the product.