Cloudworks Workplaces

Prioritizing visual comfort

Cloudworks Workspaces

Location:c/ComteBorrell, 62| Barcelona
Interior design: Elastiko Architects
Year of construction: 2019
The CloudWorks Coworking Space chain is committed to open-plan spaces with plenty of natural light, reclaimed concrete and brick cladding, exposed fixtures and glass partitions with black carpentry.
As in any workspace, ensuring visual comfort is essential. For this purpose, we developeda lighting project that combines direct lighting with different ambient lighting strategies.
On the workbenches, we ensure optimum levels on the surface and in the surrounding space by means of surface-mounted luminaires with direct emission. Glare control is achieved by means of a frosted diffuser. We added indirect lighting to the space by means of linear wallgrazer optics, to achieve a less contrasted illumination.